Friday, March 06, 2009

How to access the machine in CISE labs @ UF

Here is CISE's official webpage for accessing CISE public machines:

Here is quick summary:
To access linux or solaris cise machines, you can 
SSH using "Putty" on (or sand, rain, bay, shine, storm, ...)
or SCP using "WinSCP"

To access Windows machine, you can remote desktop (or rdesktop) to

If you have an office in CISE labs, you can access you machine using following steps:
Note: You will need a CISE account and password to the local machine. :)

You can replace using your IP address.
To be done once: install vnc server and openssh in you session and vnc client on you home machine

Start vnc server on the machine (in CISE Lab)
1. Locally using command: vnc4server :n (where n is some number say eg. :2)
or on remote machine - these are steps 
1. open putty
2. ssh to rain
3. ssh to from rain
4. vnc4server :n (where n is some number say eg. :2)

1. open putty
2. Go to Connections > SSH > Tunnels
Source port: 5901
3. Connect to n leave the session as it is
4. Open VNC client and connect to
5. Enter password in the small dialog box
6. gnome-session (if you get a terminal, you can skip this step by configuring the vnc server settings)

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