Saturday, July 08, 2006

Remembering Periodic Table

During my 12th, I was fascinated by Periodic Table. I spent 3 days to remember it and came up with this mnemonic (It is partly created by my IIT Sir).

You need to know Hindi to remember it. (Sorry for my non-Hindi speaking friends - u have to come up with your own mnemonic).

Also it has been 3 years that I have not revised it yet, so I don't remember La-Ac series. I should have wrote it down :-(

(Click on Image)
Periodic table

Columnwise --

Hritik aur LiNa KaRtab dekhene Circus me Fhire.
(H Li Na K Rb Cs Fr)

Beta Mange Car Scooter Baap Roaye.
(Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra)

Scooter Yamaha Lagao Ac.
(Sc Y La Ac)

Tiwari Zara Half Rose-falooda Lana.
(Ti Zr Hf Rf)

Valia Nimboo ne Tapad kHaya.
(V Nb Ta Ha)

Crow....Ulta M by Sugrive.
(Cr Mo Sg)

Mange Tc Railwe ticket uNse.
(Mn Tc Re Ns)

FeRuOs -- Harsh (Chemistry class -- what is iron called ???)
(Fe Ru Os Hs)

(Then Niketan went on expedition to find Copper)
In village CoRhIri (corhiri),
(Co Rh Ir)

Niketan ne Ped pe bethe Popat se pucha ???
(Ni Pd Pt )

He said Copper(Cu) Aage Aur hai.
(Cu Ag Au)

But there he only got Zinc Cds Heather graham (known for her bold scenes).
(Zn Cd Hg)

Bola Alladin Gana Inka Talo.
(B Al Ga In Tl)

Captain Siraj Gela Sanki Pabal (respelling of pagal).
(C Si Ge Sn Pb)

Nana Patekar Agnisakshi Se bana Billionaire.
(N P As Sb Bi)

O Style Se phanta Tee-shirt Polo.
(O S Se Te Po)

For Cluch and Break Install At&T. (v famous company - At&T Bell Labs)
(F Cl Br I At)

Helen Ne Arbaaz aur Kareena ka Xe-ray Roentgen(Rn) se karaya.
(He Ne Ar Kr Xe Rn)

Actually there is idiotic story associated with each line or groups of line
eg -

A son ask Dad for Car and Scooter. After hearing this Dad starts to cry. Not only this Son insist for putting AC in Yamaha Scooter :-) On this Dad ask his servant Tiwari (he was my Physics prof during college -No offense intended) to bring half Rosefalooda (since he could not afford full due to ever increasing demands of his son) . Finally Dad gets really frustrated and slaps his son (Nimboo Valia - My friend Harsh Valia, boisterous boy. His pet name is Iboo but we used to tease him as Nimboo)

Village teacher had an unusual way of teaching his student. He used to teach alphabet using names. eg A for Atmaram,.. So when he reaches alphabet O, he writes W and ask "What is this?" He didnot expect any answer since he had not taught that letter. But one person Sugrive answers "Its Mangalram but is tied upside down" :-)

So on ....

This was Mnemonic for Columns.
To remember sequence of columns (ie rows) :

Lisa and Beny Both Came to Nine instead Of Five
(Li Be B C N O F)
Sodium(Na) and Magnesium(Mg) All Sick People Sat Closely)
(Na Mg Al Si P S Cl)
KC college of Arts and Science took Tiwari Valia who was Crying for Money and Fame to teach Conic aur Zn
(K Ca Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn)

My point here is almost anything can be learnt it we have childish attitude (by this I mean Inquisitiveness, Simplicity, Playfulness,...).

Thats all folks !!!


Anonymous said...

I have a correction to your image for the lanthanides and actinides. They are in the correct place except like so many versions on the Internet, they have the wrong elements under Sc and Y. Reading down the column which all have similar properties, should be :- Sc, Y, Lu, Lr. La and Ac are the first of the g group and as such have nothing above them in the column.

Unknown said...


BY THE WAY I AM ARUNDEEP ..Presently sudying in central academy , BASTI, U.P. PCM THANXX A LOT

AmritaAmriiAmuAmruta ;-) said...

good fun in olden days :)

Unknown said...

i like this elements poem

Unknown said...

i am impressed

Unknown said...

HeNe - He,Ne
Ar - Ar
KiRan - Kr
XeRo(rn) - Xe,Rn

HLina - H,Li
Ki - K
RuBy - Rb
CeSaath - Cs
FRandship - Fr

FooL - F
Cali - Cl
Bahaar - Br
In - I
Australia - At

reddy said...

First Class Biryani In Australiya. 1 to 20 : He HE,Listen BBC News On Friday Night Na Mange Alla Se PepSi ColaAre KaCa

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot by the way I have also a trick in Marathi as below:

Nayan Mohan Ala Sidhula Pepsi Sachinla Kola Ardha Ardha Kela

Unknown said...

Sachin Tendulkar Ne Vasim Akram chya Manevar Fevi Col Ne Corle Zindabad.
Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu Zn