Monday, August 13, 2007

First Week @ Gainesville

I landed in US on 6th August, 2007 at JFK New York Airport. Since I had next flight to Atlanta in about half an hour, I had to actually run with my checking bag. Fortunately, I caught my flight on time. I had to wait for few hours at Atlanta.

Atlanta to Gainesville was exciting experience. Only plane going to Gainesville had big rotator, and some of the passengers had to go and sit in the front of the plane to maintain the balance of the plane. After flying in Boeing 777 from India to Atlanta and then asked to catch this plane, I was really annoyed, and probably a bit scared (plane oscillated in air :-) )

People in Gainesville are really very nice and polite. If you ask for direction and if the person doesn't know, he/she actually apologizes !!!

Another strange thing I noticed is the way people drive around here. Distance between cars is huge (I can actually park my car in that :) ). Also pedestrian are allowed to pass before at the turn.

Florida is quite hot. But still i love it !!!

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