Saturday, May 30, 2009

Research Notebook

After experimenting a bit with Evernote, I decided to move to OneNote for following reasons:
1. Evernote has no drawing tools. I like to draw and scribble a lot.
2. I get free subscription of OneNote as a student, whereas I need to pay for Evernote for some additional features like image recognition etc ... Though I don't need them right now, it would be handy to have them.
3. Onenote allows you to integrate audio and video notes, whereas Evernote is simply text based.
4. Onenote allows your notes to be arranged in hierachical folders, whereas Evernote is huge collections of notes with tags. Though I like the tagging feature (which Onenote also has), I don't think it is enough to organize my notes.

Though I think Synchronize feature in Evernote is awesome, I use Webexport + Publish as PDF feature in OneNote may be once a week. However, webediting feature in Evernote has no counterpart for OneNote, I will have to live with it until Office 2010. (I donot think LiveMesh solves this problem as I use Ubuntu on my lab machines)

I have used OneNote Web Exporter plugin to export my Research Notes for webview.

For now (until UF doesnot close my CISE account), I will maintain my notes at: and PDF at

If you are using Firefox, you need to have Mozilla Archive Format add-on (since it is in MHT format). However, it still doesnot display properly. I recommend IE for webview or if you are a linux user, view the PDF.

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