Friday, June 19, 2009

Kindle DX review

1. PDF capability:

For pdf documents, treat Kindle DX as a READING device and nothing else.

Does not Support: Note-taking, highlighting, zooming(both the document and font ) capability and has bad searching capability. Also there is no dictionary for PDFs

But it serves the purpose of READING - Resolution is good, it does not strain your eyes, and landscape view is good enough for most of my documents. Also, I prefer to take active notes rather than just higlight, it's not a big deal for me.

Transferring PDF - very easy ... just connect to USB and copy your PDFs to Kindle.

Steve Bain has more critical review on it.

2. Weight:

Extremely light atleast for me.

3. Durability:

Though material looks good, please don't expect it to be extremely sturdy. Hence I recommend using cover(either leather or neophryne) while traveling.

4. Battery life:

Extremely good. I haven't tested it very much but just turn off whispernet and you should expect 4 weeks of battery life

5. Choices of Books:

Amazon is undoubtedly the best choice.

6. Awesome feature:

Wikipedia is free .... anywhere in US !!!

7. Cost:

If you think $359 is OK for Kindle 2, Kindle DX is definitely worth $489.

If you donot like to read research papers on computer, you will save on great deal of printing and "trees" :)

As an engineering student, you will save a huge amount of money and space on printed books if you chose to buy Kindle DX.

Bottom line:

If you cannot live without highlighting and note-taking, DON'T BUY KINDLE DX ... go for Sony PRS-700(if you like text notes) or iRex Iliad(if you absolutely cannot live without handwritten notes)

If you think iRex is too costly (apart from the fact it has no support in US, you have to ship iRex to Germany) and it you want to READ pdfs without straining you eyes, definetely go for Kindle DX.

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